What is Brightway Center?

A non-profit Christian Youth Leadership and Character Development Organization located in Rayland, Ohio 

Brightway CenterIncorporated in 1997, Brightway Center is the fulfillment of our founder Kara Bright’s dream.  Our mission is to provide “ a place where our youth come together to learn, to think, to question, to develop Christian moral values, to have strength and courage to take a stand based upon Christian ideals and teamwork.” 
To accomplish that, we provide secular and non-secular programs that focus on the development of life skills and teach our youth how to become responsible, independent, generous contributing members to our community.  We believe in order to accomplish our mission, every aspect of a child’s development must be addressed from building strong relationships with family, friends, teachers and authority figures; to actively participating in thoughtful bible study and discussion; to excelling in academics; to participating in athletics and other extracurricular activities.