T.E.S.T. Program

What is the T.ES.T. Program?

The Teen Ethical Standards Training (T.E.S.T.) Program is an awareness/prevention program designed to strengthen our youth's understanding of the harmful effects of abusive situations and relationships. Topics range from Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention to Social Media Responsibility, Human Trafficking and more.  The objective it to bring attention to topics so participants can make more informed choices and good decisions.   

Who should participate?

The T.E.S.T. Program is designed to help teenagers with the challenges they are facing today, whether it is peer pressure, unhealthy relationships, drug or alcohol experimentation or something else.  This program, in one way or another, benefits every teenager out there! The T.E.S.T. Program life-skills training modules are presented at the school to students in grades 7-12 and are open to anyone that would like to participate.  

How can I have the T.E.S.T. Program at my school?

Please contact Maria Campbell at mcampbell@brightwaycenter.org.