Style Guide

Welcome web editor! This is large-styled text for special call-outs. It can look really overwhelming on full paragraphs, so please limit it to a few lines of important text!

Check our our headline samples below. Remember that header text (h1-h6) is primarily used to establish hierarchy and order on your page. It will help users scan and find the info they need. Google will use these headers to make an assessment of the page content. Please don't use them as a "design tool" to increase the text size on full paragraphs... it can negatively affect your SEO ranking!

This is a Button

This is an H2

Don't ask me to click here! When adding links, try to avoid structures that read: "Click here to learn more about our XYZ policy"... it's a no-no! Instead, you should try something like: "Learn more about our XYZ policy". Why? Google likes to see a descriptive link! It will help your SEO. And dont' worry... people know where to click!

And This, My Friends, is an H3

You'll probably need to use a bulleted list here and there. It helps the visual structure of your page and allows for quick scanning of pertinent content. This is what it will look like:

  • Pellentesque dapibus leo
  • Eget libero gravida cursus
  • Sed risus nulla, suscipit eu sem ac
  • Condimentum euismod dui
  • Proin metus sem, blandit sit amet lectus sit amet

Why Don't I Show You an H4, Too?

The bulleted lists above work really well on shorter snippets of text. But if you find yourself adding multiple sentences or full paragraphs as bullet points, you may want to try a different strategy. A good solution would be to NOT use a list and give each paragraph a headline, instead, like an h5 or h6.

An H5 Looks Like This

Need a numerical list? No problem... it's in the editor toolbar with all the other fun stuff. If you need it to look extra snazzy, go into the "Styles" box and choose "Custom Numbers".

  1. Pellentesque dapibus leo 
  2. Eget libero gravida cursus
  3. Sed risus nulla, suscipit eu sem ac
  4. Condimentum euismod dui
  5. Proin metus sem, blandit sit amet lectus sit amet
  6. Pellentesque dapibus leo
Finally, there is the h6

And let's talk about your actual copy. Is it too long? Most experts will probably tell you that it is! The rule of thumb is to write your web copy and then cut it in half. Once you’re done cutting it in half, cut it in half again. Check out more web writing tips.