S.T.A.R. Program

What is the S.T.A.R. Program?

The Students Taking Action Responsibly (S.T.A.R.) Program is a series of interactive workshops for students in grades 7–12 under the “Sharpening Minds” building block of our programming philosophy.  The courses focus on life skills designed to help students identify and understand how to navigate through the obstacles that can keep them from realizing their goals. The workshops provide a forum for the practical application of strategies and tools using role play, videos, small group discussions and more. 


The S.T.A.R. workshops are provided in-school and on our Brightway campus.  If you are interested in having a  S.T.A.R. workshop in your school or attending one at Brightway please email info@brightwaycenter.org or call 740-733-7480.