Big Red Students take in stress seminar

Teens tackle important issues

Sep 24, 2015

WTOV9 JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ohio – There was a unique start to the school day Thursday for students at Big Red. Instead of heading to their classrooms, they split up in different sections of the school to talk about serious issues, like human trafficking and distracted driving. This year, there's a new message in the mix. A stress seminar is a new addition to the non-profit Brightway Center's program. "There are a lot of young people that have stress,” Assistant Principal Rick Camilletti said. “And I don't think that we can overlook that fact.” Seniors were the first to dive into the topic and take away some helpful tips for the stressors in their lives. “Calculous is a hard one,” senior Maurkesha Young said. “I’m in the band so we have to memorize music and that's an extra thing. And I wanna play tennis, so learning to play a sport -- it's just a lot. There's only so many hours in a day.” Guest speakers discussed the ways diet, meditation, and exercise can combat stress. Meanwhile, in the gymnasium, students took the stands to discuss Distracted Driving. "I know I'm tempted sometimes, when you get a text, and you know it's a distraction, so if it's a distraction for us, we know it's a major distraction for six to eight kids in a car,” Camilletti said. Then there's the issue laid out right in front so many students -- Social Media. "Years ago, you could say ‘I'm so mad, I could just kill you,’ and it was words, and you were done,” said Cathy Takach from the Brightway Center. “You put that in writing now, and something happens to that person, that's there and it's going to come back to haunt you." That’s a harsh example, but a harsh reality that organizers of the Teen Ethical Standards Training Program (T.E.S.T.) say need to be to be addressed. And they say students, like the ones at Big Red, are listening. "They've always been very intent on what we're saying and that tells us something is getting through,” Takach said.