Transforming lives through Jesus Christ...

Our  Mission

The mission of Brightway Center is to build a place where our youth can come together to learn, to think, to question, to develop Christian moral values, to have the strength and courage to take a stand based on Christian ideals, teamwork and leadership.

Our Vision

The vision of Brightway Center is to be a premiere ministry program that influences the world for Christ.

Our Core Values 

Commitment:  We are fully and unapologetically devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

Integrity:  We strive to live like Christ, even when no one else is watching.

Leadership:  We are servant leaders and examples of Christ's love.

Sportsmanship:  We use athletics as a platform for ministry.

Inclusiveness:  We say, “Whosoever will, let them come".

Adaptability:  We refuse to be stagnant in our approach to ministry while remaining true to our core values.

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