Let's Talk!

Mar 09, 2019

9:30 AM - 1:30 PM 

Have you ever tried to have a conversation but you didn't feel heard or the conversation went left because defenses were up?  You are not alone. 

Communicating effectively is a skill and it is critical to our development and ability to engage with other people. 7th - 12th graders from all participating schools are invited to join us in this interactive S.T.A.R. Workshop on Effective Communicaton.  We will look at videos and role play to understand the components of good communication, understand verbal and non-verbal cues and more. Lunch and transporatation are provided.  Seats are limited so register online or on our desktop mobile app now!  

If you have any questions,  please call Maria Campbell, Director of Advancement at 614-893-7150.