College Visit & Teambuilding Activity

Jun 07, 2018

Bright S.T.A.R. Mentor Field Trip   

8 AM - 6 PM

One of the five principles of the Community Connectors Program is "Developing Pathways to Achievement".  A college visit allows the student to experience the trip to the school, the people who are there, and the actual learning environment on campus.  Mentors and mentees will travel to Robert Morse University in Pittsburgh and tour dining halls, dorms, classrooms and learn about the enrollment process.  After lunch on campus we will head to the Breakout Room in Pittsburgh for a teambuilding activity. This event is for students participating in the 2017/2018 Bright S.T.A.R. Mentor Program ONLY!  Mentees must have attended 50% of the activities to be eligible to attend.  Participants must have a signed waiver for the Breakout Room and a parent permission form.  See links below.  Registration deadline is May 30, 2018.  You can register on our app or RSVP on-line Now! 

Printable PDF PARENT PERMISSION FORM  You can take a picture of the signed form and upload on our app!

ON-LINE BREAKOUT ROOM WAIVER  Enter for email and waiver will be sent to me.  

For more information please call Maria Campbell, Director of Advancement at 614-893-7150.