Bright S.T.A.R. Mentee Orientation

Oct 13, 2018

10 AM - 1 PM 

What do MENTEES gain by being trained?

  • Confidence that their mentor will enjoy being with them

  • Learning about mentoring—and how they can benefit from having a mentor

  • Ideas on how to relate to an adult outside their family, often a new experience

  • Ability to relax and have fun!

Mentoring is a two-way relationship – both mentors AND mentees play a crucial role in the success of the match.  This training will teach mentees about mentoring, what their responsibilities will be in the mentoring relationship, and what they can expect from their mentor in return. Transportation and lunch are provided. RSVP on-line and on our desktop mobile > Youth Activities.  You can also register on your phone on our mobile app.  

For more details, contact Maria Campbell, Director of Advancement, 614-893-7150.