Christmas with Baby Jesus


Why is it important to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas? 

Today, the Christmas story is easily taken for granted. Our ears have become numb as we've heard the story countless times and in varied settings. The Nativity in American culture is something to smile at while we rush through decorated stores trying to check every name off our lists. But when we take time to reflect on the events leading up to the birth of Jesus Christ, a sense of awe returns.

How do we celebrate Christmas?  

Children enjoy learning about the story of Jesus’s birth, a craft, games, songs and each child recieves a receive a gift valued at $20.  Lunch is also provided.

Who can participate?

Children ages 2-10 (5th  grade) and their parents.   

How can I contribute?

Make a monetary donation to be used for the purchase of gifts or volunteer.  Go to Donate or Volunteer for details. 

Go to events to register for 2019 event.