We Are Family: The Youth Diversity Initiative

Diversity experts who are focused on diversity & inclusion in the workplace are now buying into the importance of providing training for our youth.
Brightway Center's goal is to engage secondary school students and provide educational activities to help shape their attitudes and provide an intellectual foundation about diversity & inclusion issues.

Workforce Development - The Buster Douglas 42 to 1 C-Suites Program

Research shows that employees who possess a basic knowledge of operating a business perform at a higher level. The C-Suites Program, inspired by Buster's experiences, is an evidence-based workforce development course for middle and high school students, with special tools for those living below the poverty level and will be administered by Brightway Center. Students learn soft skills and effective job search practices to land and retain employment. Using an innovative curriculum, students also get a basic understanding of how to start and operate a business. Each student is engaged with a business leader who serves as coach, mentor and role model and the program tracks participants for a 24-month period to evaluate targeted success factors and outcomes.

Against All Odds: 42 to 1 Stories Told Live

Experts will seek out stories about entrepreneurs, disabled persons and troubled youth beating the odds to become successful adults. Those selected will receive coaching from the experts before telling their stories in front of a live audience at events held around the city throughout the year. This platform was inspired by the critically acclaimed ESPN documentary, 42 to 1, chronicling Buster Douglas' incredible victory over Mike Tyson, when he beat 42 to 1 odds to become the undisputed World Heavyweight Boxing Champion.